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QCM Healthcare is a specialist nursing and healthcare assistant agency

Eland Care supply flexible, experienced staff to respected care homes, nursing homes and hospitals throughout the UK. Excellent healthcare is entirely about people and having the right staffing levels. We support you to manage this flexibly.

Our unbeatable service includes: 

Competitive all-inclusive flat hourly rates – as our client you have the peace of mind that everything is covered with no added extras.
Exceptional turnaround times. We can provide you with the right person within 48 hours.
Highly experienced and qualified staff who have been through our full vetting process. We have people on hand throughout the UK – so you can call on us wherever you are based.
Three to twelve month contracts depending on your requirements.
FREE temporary to permanent transfer at the end of contracts.
The key to our service is our top quality staff who are skilled, caring, experienced and qualified and we vet each person individually on your behalf. 


Top quality staff

The key to our service is our top quality staff who are skilled, caring, experienced and qualified and we vet each person individually on your behalf.

Healthcare Assistants (HCA)

We will provide you with a wide selection of HCAs who have different skills sets. We understand that you are looking for qualified HCAs for your healthcare setting and for those who have good experience. We have a rigorous recruitment process and ensure that all of our HCAs meet our very strict criteria before they are able to work for us. We place people in a wide variety of settings from hospitals to care homes and can provide people on a locum, full or part time basis. We have the right HCA for your requirements so please get in touch today.

Registered General Nurses (RGNs)

RGNs are hugely skilled at providing day to day care for their patients. Patients rely on our RGNs wherever they work and whatever the setting. We employ people who are experienced in many different types of care and medical procedure. We have a comprehensive register of RGNs and can quickly find you the right person with the right specialism.

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Registered Mental Health Nurses 

Registered mental health nurses bring a huge amount of empathy to the roles that they do, and a key aspect of their work is to build good relationships and rapport with the people they are supporting. We have a variety of RMHNs on our register who are experienced in working with lots of different people, from young to old and in a variety of settings including hospitals, community based settings or in specialist or secure residential units. 

Clinical Leads  

Our extensive experience of working in this sector means that we understand that Clinical Lead nurses have a hugely responsible role and are required to manage staff, as well as ensure the efficient maintenance of clinical excellence in the settings in which they are based. If you require a person of this calibre you need the reassurance that they have the right qualifications, experience and general gravitas to perform this function effectively.  We have Clinical Lead nurses available who can support you on a short term, longer term or permanent basis. Contact us today and we can discuss finding the right person for your role. 

Care Managers 

We have experience of finding and recruiting highly skilled care managers who have experience of providing leadership in a variety residential care settings. Contact us today and we will be happy to disucss your requirements.

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